When I walk into my home My mom always welcomes me with a warm and comforting grin I head into the spotless kitchen Where me and mom cook together Try new and exciting recipes Tell stories and have conversations I love to watch movies in the warm and cozy living room Where a scent of perfume goes up your nose I adore that room Because that's where most of my family are After a long and devastating day It's where we spend time together My home is sometimes like an amusement park mixed with a concert Each morning is loud and chaotic When the sun sets, it's calm and peaceful like a still river We often play board games Music is always playing in my home My family always listens to the beautiful melodies I play on my keyboard There are some challenges There are some fights No matter how many challenges knock us down We will always get back up Home is just the beginning of new memories Home is my shield and safety Home is where there is everlasting love.


Grade 6

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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