My home has no roof, no walls, no house. My home has two nets a ball and me. My home is the definition of fun. My home is no house but it’s where I feel alive. My house Is nothing like my home. My home is not a place but a world. That world is the nba. My home is not only the nba but my mind. The NBA is my mind. I make anything I can in to the NBA. I make the NBA more than a sport, more then a world, I make it a universe of infinity. My home is incredible more incredible than the Incredibles. My home would be nothing without my mind and the NBA. My home has 2 golden rules. Rule 1: There is no such thing as failure. Rule 2: If you fall, get back up. I will follow my rules till the end. Because there will be a time when I can’t get back up. So as we end this wonderful joy ride through my world. I would like to say, peace out.


Grade 6

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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