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I think home is important for three reasons. First, family. I love my family because I am never lonely with my sister. Second, my dog gives me tailwags and cuddles and kisses. This makes me feel happy and loved. Third, my mom and dad make me happy all the time. I feel happy when I do something I am told and I call them when I need them. They will understand me and I am really grateful. This is why I think home is important. I think friends are important because of Kylie, Chloe, Kitana, Fiona, Natalya, Sophie, Isabella, Hannah, and Brooklyn. They all make me happy and good. They are my best friends and when I feel bad they will stand by my side until I get better. When they feel hurt I will stand by their side forever and listen to them for hours. I will help them feel better and stick up for them. I won't let them down when they feel bad. I feel safe in my room because my sister and I have each other’s backs. I am always occupied with her. My dog makes me the happiest person on earth with all her love makes me feel special. My phone and iPad can keep me occupied forever. In my dream home I would have my family, my dog, and my own room. I would have a kitchen. I need love to survive because my family should be able to last forever Home in wear love comes from love and is the most important. I think people deserve a home because it is the most important thing ever. I don’t think people should have to live on the streets and have to live without family. It is really important. People need shelter to survive and people can suffer on the streets without any shelter. It's really important to have somebody to understand your feelings and nobody has to suffer the way some people do.


Grade 5

Airdrie, Alberta

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