What home means

What home means to me Home means where you stay and live where love is and where you stay and lots of love <3. Where your home is.. Your home can be anywhere.Your home is where you decide it to be. What you can do in your home. In your home you can do anything you want u can go to the bathroom without closing the door.Anddddd you can get dressed without closing the door. What do homes look like? Homes can look like anything for example (btw I got these off of google) (Note: photos could not be attached) What's in homes?In homes there can be anything like animals,beds,people,tubs,showers,toilet,sinks,couches,food, love,ect The end <3333 THE ENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!


Grade 6

Hubbards, Nova Scotia

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