Home to me means love because that's where all my love Is and we all love each other there because we're family and share our love together. My home has so much care In it so when I think of my house I think straight to care. Family movies happen every Sunday, so when it's Saturday, I'm so excited because and I'm thinking about what movie we are going to watch. Barbie is my favourite show and I could watch It all day long. Barbie makes me so happy. I always watch it with my hamster, Karl. My pets love but also don't like being held by people. But, they are the nicest animals on earth. When someone says the word “home”, I think of so many things, but one of my favourite things to do Is go into my mom's room and watch a show with her. We watch so many shows together we get chips/popcorn and pop. That's what home means to me:)


Grade 5

Westmount, Nova Scotia

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