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I Am From

I am from my little brother's toys scattered across the living room floor From my stepdads Warhammer pieces and moms amazing resin art I am from the beige bricks that form my house and chipped stairs leading to the front door. I am from a creek full of beavers behind my house, to early rising birds as our alarm clock for the summer. From the tall tree that grows in my backyard to watching my small dog try and climb her way to the top. I am from visiting my grandparents and saying hi to everyone From waking up to the smell of fresh baked muffins and racing down to the basement to play a game of pool I’m from “Put a brick on my head to stop the growth” and happy birthdays every year I’m from playing Mario Kart every New Year's trying to stay awake From the mountains of Alberta and English and German I’m from "Go Jets Go" and pretending to like the Leafs From my little brother pretending to be a Power Ranger and watching him grow up ish I’m from hiking trails and steep rock I’m from hiding from my brother and being his personal assistant From an adventure I have yet to begin.


Grade 6

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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