The meaning of Home

What home means to me is family heat, water , food beds,and everything of the sort . I feel really terrible for anyone to live like that and no one should live like that. That's habitat for humanity's goal to make families in Canada live better. And get help for their loved ones if they are sick. Like I said I feel very bad for people who have experienced that or are experiencing that right now most people have it good but 1 in 8 people don't have the luxury of having beds, water and food and electricity. The feeling of home for me is my dog's soft fur. Home is the smell of Tim Hortons coffee and donuts and garlic cream cheese bagel. What home looks like for me is families playing board games together and helping each other in every way they can like helping them with their chores or helping them get ready for a big event if they have that. And people baking cookies, muffins, clay sculptures, even people baking anything reminds me of my home and other peoples homes that i have gone to. What home sounds like is bacon sizzling and me having to help mom flip the eggs. Home just feels like a safe space where I can relax and not worry about school or anything and I can see my family and talk to them about everything. Home is my favorite place ever and no one should ever live without one.


Grade 5

Gaspereau, Nova Scotia

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