The Meaning of Home

Home is the place where you feel cozy. Home is where love is. I feel safe at home because my guard dog lives with me and I feel safe with him. Home means lots of things to other people but this is what home means to me. Home is a joyful place where I feel nice and warm inside. I feel accepted at home. Home means lots to me. Some people love their home so much they never want to leave and I understand that it’s okay but it’s nice to get some fresh air too. Home is where memories live. We will always love home. I don’t get judged at home. I feel happy at home. I have moved many times and I loved each and every one of them. They were all different, some were big, some were small, all houses were different. My home right now is small. The snow is in big piles outside. I hear birds chirping every morning when I wake up and the sunlight is beaming in my window. Home’s memories are super glued to our heart almost. Everyone needs a home or a place to live so everyone feels safe and nobody gets hurt. A lot of people across the world do not have homes and that is why I am writing this piece. We are trying to raise money so we can give all the homeless people a shelter and they have a home where they have lots of memories too! We celebrate a bunch of events at our home such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day. I have a memory of when I was 5. My Christmas tree fell on my grandma. I hope you liked this story of home.


Grade 5

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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