What Makes Home Important

Home is a very important thing to a lot of people, it is to me too, that's why I am going to tell you what home means to me. My home means a lot to me, it involves family, food, love, laughter, pets and so much more. My family loves to cook and we love making family meals. My dad has this recipe box, with all the family recipes from everyone in my family. My sister loves to sell baked goods as a side job. She makes things like cookies to decorate, brownies, squares, chocolate-covered strawberries, and much more. My nanny also loves to bake pastries and cook delicious meals. I love to have family dinners with my dad and his family and also my mom and nanny. I spend half my time at my dad's house and have two sisters there. At dads, we like to bake and go visit my Gram Bear a lot. My dad is very weird and funny and that is what I love about him. The other half of my time I spend at my mom’s house with her and Jessy. We do fun things like Friendmas which is like Christmas but we spend it with our friends and do secret Santa. We also like to visit my nanny. I love to do a lot of dancing at my mom's house. Pets are one of my favorite things about home. I have a dog named Kimbo at my dad's. I used to have a puppy named Jack that passed away a few years ago. He was a multi-poo and white. I like to go to Stanley and visit the cats Annie, Norman, and Ditch. There is also a dog there named Clarice. I am going to get a kitten and if I could choose I would name it Lavender. I really love cats and have a connection with them. My friend's cat is named Lady Glitter Sparkles and I love to cuddle and play with her when I am there. I love my family, family meals, pets, and friends. I love going to my dad's house AND my mom's house so much. Cats, dogs, cousins, aunts, family meals, and baking are what I think of when I think of home. Half of my family is the Macphersons and the other half is the Bears, which happens to be my last name. Lastly is the Macdonalds, which is Jessy's family. That's what the meaning of home is to me.


Grade 4

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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