No place like home.

No place like home makes you warm whenever you’re cold No place like home makes you full when you’re hungry No place like home gives you love when you need it No place like home give you fun if you need No place like home gives you a warm, cozy sleep when you’re tired. Appreciate the home you have even if it’s different from other big or small, wide or thin. It's still a house that you grew up in or a house that you saved up for perhaps you should think about the people that don’t have one. The smell of the house that you miss when after school like it missed you and it’s welcoming you back. Your reaction whenever your parents clean your house like the things you see at your house when you leave is so different when you came back. You should love your house whatever it’s like because the love that the parents give you since you’re born you thought you saw all of it. That's nothing like your house if it has a life since the first time you entered the house and sometimes could be the last. You should appreciate your house like how you appreciate the thing you love cause your house loves you more than anything in the world if it exist because no place like home is what you love the most.


Grade 6

Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador

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