What Home Means To Me

Home.Home is a place to go.Home is a comfort.Home is a feeling.Home is safe.Home is a shoulder to cry on.Home is a friend to go to when you have no one else.Home is a better place.Home is blanket when you are cold at night.Home is a that one snuggle you wanted all day.Home is a place when you are lost.Home is a roof over your head and a floor under your feet.Home is the fire when your cold.Home is the drink when your room.Home is where you can be you.Home is a place to go when you have no other.Home is where you can go to let all your emotions loose.Home is where you go to bed at night,and wake in the morning.Home is a place to be happy.Home is a place to have fun.Home is Home.


Grade 5

Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador

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