This Is Why I Love My Home

My house is great because I feel safe,loved and warm. I feel safe when I am close to my family and when I am happy. Do you feel safe when you are close to your family and happy? Also I feel loved and comfortable when I am close to family and friends. Lastly I feel warm when I am safe in my home and snuggling on my couch watching movies. Having a home is important because you are safe, you have food,water and shelter. Safety is important so you don’t get hurt and so you're not scared. Having food and water is important because food makes you healthy and water makes you hydrated. Lastly, shelter makes you safe and safety makes you happy. I love my home because I have my family,home pets and privacy. Do you love your home? Having a family is really important. Family makes you happy when you are sad and they care for you when you are hurt. That is why family is important. Home pets are good to play with and are really funny.Lastly, privacy is good because you will not be embarrassed. As you can see these are some reasons why I love my home.


Grade 4

Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

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