The meaning of home

Everybody has a different idea of the word home. The meaning of home for some people means good, excitng, happy, awesome, but the meaning of home for others could be sad, hurtful, and frustrating. Everybody has a different idea of home. For me, home means comfort, fun and tradition. Tradition has always been a big part of my family. When I think of tradition I think of the scent and food my mom and grandma cooks for dinners and holidays. Most of the food my mom cooks was passed down from generation to generation. I have lots of memories of my family whenever I look at old pictures or stuff I keep dear to myself, I always visualize that scene of when I received said item. Most of the time, it is happy memories, but it is not always happy. One time I helped bake cookies but I put salt instead of sugar, next time I will taste it before I put it in. Without tradition I would not be able to spend time with my family. Having fun is very important to me because it brightens up my environment and keeps everyone happy and joyful. Having fun can sometimes get me to know people better. It can also help keep me busy, focused, and entertained. At my house I have a ping pong table and play it everyday with my family, I am getting better everyday. Without fun I would not be able to socialize with my family and I would be bored. Comfort to me means to stay relaxed and to have a place to talk and feel safe. I feel relaxed when I do not have to worry about anything. When I think of comfort I think of the couch and my bed because it is warm and soft. When I am comfortable I will not get up for a long time. Without comfort I would feel anxiety and not be able to function properly. In conclusion, everyone has a different idea of home. For me the meaning of home is comfort, fun and tradition. Not everyone has the same meaning of home as me. What is the meaning of home to you?


Grade 6

Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

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