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Is house a home?

Having a house is a fundamental right, a shelter where memories are created and love is cherished forever. But to those with scarcity, a house is a hope. A home shouldn't be just for the wealthy, but everyone and everybody should be able to reside in the safety of a shelter. I like to see a home in two different ways, two different perspectives. One is more inspirational than the other. The feeling, and the physical space. The Physical Space of a House: In the Prairies, hereabouts in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we have nearly 4 to 6 months of frigidness. The only thing keeping us from the brutal weather finding its way through our bodies is the walls of the house we reside in. The house as we know will never go unforgotten. It is and forever will be the special space where you learn how to walk, talk, and enjoy the ride of life. Unfortunately, some people don’t have that option to a safe shelter and escape the external elements. Most people get confused on the topic; what makes a house a home? The solid house you live in symbolizes something much more important than the appearance. The Feeling of Home. A house is protecting the true happiness, the home. Homes aren’t built with wood and bricks by people. It is built and hardened with emotions, togetherness, and memories. It is the feeling you get after a long day of school that contributes to a happy home. The home joins communities, friends, family, even strangers as one. When people are grateful for a home, they are most grateful for the true experiences of life a home gives. In many cultures, there is a belief that there are two things a human is made of. A body, and a soul. A body can be broken; it can stop working or break in different ways. But the soul, the soul is immortal. If the body dies, the soul moves on to another body, and it will continue doing that for an eternity. Just like a human needs the soul and a body, the shelter needs a house and a home. The house is the body. The home is the soul. Even though the house may be burnt to smithereens, the home and its emotional experiences will live with us, lifelong.


Grade 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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