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A Home for me

I started out with a family, That came in all shapes and sizes But I still was not happy, I wanted all kinds of prizes. When I got the prizes on the outside, I was smiling. But on the inside, I knew something was missing. I got lots of money, Thousands and billions. The feeling was sunny But it won’t help no matter what happens. I tried and I tried, To fix this hole inside of me. When nothing happened I sighed, Because I want to be free. Free of this burden, That is stuck in me. Like a bird, trying to pull free. That night I tossed and turned, When I finally thought, That the hole could be a word. Something that can’t be bought, By millions of dollars. Or won with thousands of prizes. Just the feeling of family was all I needed. The word I sought and required was Home. Thank you Habitat for Humanity, For letting me help with your cause. I hope to change this world with my poetry, And that your special deed be cherished with applause.


Grade 6

Cote St. Luc, Quebec

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