What Home Means To Me

These are the most important things about a home. Being loved, safe, and warm. The most important thing about being loved at home is having family and company you spend time with. It makes me feel calm and relaxed. Being safe is the best feeling you could ever have. A roof over my head, clothing, water and walls are important. Warmth is a very important thing also. It helps plants, animals and humans. I use the heater to stay warm. Having a home is very important because it is warm. It has food and water and it is a good shelter. Warmth is important because you won’t freeze and it will keep you heated. It can also help plants and animals. Food and water is important for you. Water keeps you hydrated and food gives you energy. It keeps us alive. Shelter keeps you from the rain and the wind. It doesn't let any dirt or bugs in. Family, clothing, and privacy are important because they are part of life. Family is how you are born. My mom and my dad are important because they keep me safe. They make me happy. Clothing covers you from coldness and gives you privacy. I love privacy at my home. I have my own bedroom and bathroom. My bedroom has a closet in it to keep my stuff in. As you can see these are the reasons my home means so much to me!


Grade 4

Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

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