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The Meaning of Home

Your home doesn’t need to be fancy or giant it just needs to be how you like it. People have fancy House but those who have one. Some of them don’t call it there home. Some people only buy fancy giant house to act cool and some buy it because they have a lot of people who live with them that could be why they need a giant house. For me home is Pakistan, but I haven’t been there for 9 years, but I still call it home because I was born there, and there was a lot of fun back in the day. There are a lot of stuff I miss back home sadly. But I still call it my home. My mother dad was the one that give my family that home. I remember those day when my sisters and I were play fighting with my cousin those were the best days of my life. The reason why I said Pakistan is because there are a lot of family members back home and in Canada there are only 4 or 3. Back home there are so much GOOD FOOD (street food). I remember that time when there was an ice cream tuck that will come every day and my sister, and I always ask my father if we can have some.


Grade 6

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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