My Home

I love my home and that is very, very true. But sometimes I think some people do not have a home. They often need things like food, water, and comforts. I feel really sad for the people that do not have a home. And I am really really lucky to have one. And I feel really bad for the people that get bullied or ashamed. because people say that their house is small or not special. But when you think about it, people work really hard in their homes. And people should not be ashamed of their home. And millions of different memories are made in each home. That's what makes every home special. I am very thankful for my hot showers and baths, especially my home cooked meals and my family! Am so thankful to be able to write for Habitat for Humanity and to let people know that home is a safe place where you feel loved, and welcome. And it's a place where you can share everything. I really do hope that everybody loves their home and their family!!


Grade 4

Regina, Saskatchewan

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