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The Meaning of Home

A home is where you live. You sleep there all the time. You will most likely love it and have a ton of fun things and items there. I like to write my book and make merchandise and playing outside is fun. I enjoy doing Spanish tutoring after school on Tuesdays. I also have fun playing with my cat and dog. My home is special because I have a place to sleep and enjoy my time. I get to have my own room that is a really nice room. I remember in my old home, I was walking, then my brother stopped in front of me and made my mouth and nose bleed. I also remember having a bat girl shirt with a cape on my back that always got stuck to my hair. In my current home we had a fly infestation all summer long. My brother had 50 flies in his room but somehow I had zero in my room. They would be missing a TV because otherwise they don’t know the news for things that are important, and they need to know about it immediately. Since every entry equals 10 dollars for a house for someone I don’t want them experiencing homlessness or not being able to sleep. You need to sleep for a lot of reasons like: you will not get enough sleep then you will be grumpy to others. You also have to hydrate and eat, otherwise you could get very sick. I want to help others stay safe. Please help me and the school help people that need it.


Grade 5

Sundre, Alberta

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