What Home Means to Me

My home looks like a tree lined driveway that leads to my heart. Here you will find hard work that is filled with love and laughter. My big red barn is a cozy home for many of my animals. It is a place that teaches responsibility and respect. After the animals are tucked in, we go inside. We gather around the big kitchen island for a good meal, Then I cozy up on the couch and watch a movie. Next thing I know it is time for sleep and I go upstairs to my cozy bed. My home sounds like dogs barking, tv in the background, the rumble of my dad's diesel truck, crows and roosters cawing, Horses banging on the doors like drums, I hear bacon and eggs sizzling in the pan , My home sounds like my dad snoring, my mom and dad talking, and wind blowing in the window. My home smells like great food cooking in the kitchen, hay from the barn, My home smells like air fresheners, My home smells like shavings, My home tastes like fresh steak from the Masstown Market, With vegetables from the garden that Nana and I grew. It tastes like bagels and bacon frying in the morning, All to go with my farm fresh eggs. My home feels like a comfy couch to watch Youtube on, It feels like a cozy bed to go to sleep in that wraps you up like a warm hug . My home feels like home to me and all my animals.


Grade 4

Truro, Nova Scotia

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