Meaning of Home

My home looks like a cozy, inviting space, a green-ish brown-ish home with 2 white doors, stairs that lead to an empty deck that's brown just waiting to be covered in snow, in the backyard a treehouse stand that as all memories with friends and family, in the house when you enter an entryway with lots of shoes, and a kitchen with lots of memories, a piano that we play songs, a big dining room table that we eat at every night, a living room that we watch movies on the TV, up the brown stairs that lead up to the beds with magical dreams, down the white stairs into the basement where I dance, bike, and do gymnastics, and a bathroom that my papa is working on. My home sounds like someone cooking in the kitchen, someone playing the piano, a show on the TV my bunnies thumping the ground, people taking and eating, people having fun, people going down the stairs, a peaceful home but only sometimes, music, my bunnies eating, the drier, people opening the curtains, people opening a bubbly can, people putting something on the counter, my dog/piper baking. My home smells like Finnley farts, bunny poop, a cozy place, when someone is bathing fresh laundry, like the best suppers that my dad makes, soap in Jewell and my bathroom, the clean shampoo and conditioner in my hair. It tastes like the yummy suppers that my dad make, cinnamon roll, smoothies, piper breath, the gross pasta that my dad makes almost every night, Subway, Greco pizza, Hello fresh. My home feels like soft blankets all around my house, a hard wall, a pillow, the hard, soft and comfortable couch in the living room, and Piper’s soft fur. I love the meaning of my home


Grade 4

Truro, Nova Scotia

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