The Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home At home I feel safe and welcome. I feel loved and warm at home. There are five people in my house. My mom, dad, Hailey my sister, Brody my brother and me. I have four pets. I have two cats Hunter and Daisy, I have a dog Lilly and lots of fish. In my house we have furniture, food, water, warmth, rooms and appliances. A home has shelter like a roof or wall that protects my family and I. I share a bedroom with my brother Brody and it's kind of fun. We play board games and watch movies together. My favorite room in my house is my family room because I made lots of memories there. We also celebrate every holiday in that room like Christmas, Easter, Valentines day, Halloween and birthdays. The rooms in my house are the kitchen, family room, my bedroom, my sister's bedroom, my parents bedroom and the basement. I am so lucky that I have a home and hope that by writing this story someone who is homeless will have their dream home. By: Bella Bennett


Grade 4

Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia

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