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The Feeling of Home

The Feeling of Home The meaning of home is family, comfort and safety. Family is the meaning of home. Family is home because they are always there for me. An example is whenever I am sad my mom always cheers me up and she is my family. My mom cheers me up by making me remember all my good memories and she makes me happy. I feel comfortable with my family when I am sad. My dad gives me a hug, I listen to music and I sing. Lying with my dog always makes me feel comfortable and happy, too. I always feel safe at home when I have my brothers at home. Everyone should feel safe in their home. When my brothers are not home I feel scared because I think about all the unknown things that could happen. When my brothers are home they play video games but it just makes me feel safe that they are there. Home is a house. It is a place where you should always feel happy because you are with your family, comfortable and are safe.


Grade 6

Sarnia, Ontario

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