Family is My Home

What does home mean to you? Because I know why and here is why. Home is with my family no matter where we are, if we are on the street or in a mansion as long as we're together it feels like home. So to sum it all up this essay will be about my home and my family and family is more than home to me. Home is going on adventures like driving out really far. My family and I love to go on adventures like driving out really far to stay in different hotels and trying different foods like nachos at new restaurants we have not been to yet or ones we really like. We also love going swimming at East Hants Aquatic Center. We have a family membership and go almost every week! I personally like the sportsplex swimming center because I like the pool more. There is a rope and big green slide that shoots you out!!!! Also the rainbow slide is really long. At the sportsplex there is also a gym plus more! So im all ways with my family going to different places but it still feels like home.when i'm with my family it all ways no matter what feels like home. Home is gaming with my family and friends. My god brother,. my dad and sometimes my brother and ME all love to play video games. We play Call of duty blacks ops 3, call of duty black ops cold war, call of duty warzone and call of duty zombies. My god brother and I sweat, which is someone who tries super hard to always win. My dad is very good at the game, he is not a sweat but he is still CRAZY GOOD!!! I also really like video games because I find it is an escape from reality. My problems just go away and I can talk to my friends and take out my frustrations. whenever ever im gaming with my friends is feels like home Family is home no matter what. Home is wherever my family is.


Grade 6

Fall River, Nova Scotia

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