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Meaning of home

The meaning of a home is to feel safe, calm, and loved. Having a home makes people happy, sometimes sad but mostly happy. I love my home because my family is here with me and I feel loved and cozy. Having a home is so fun, you can feel good about improving it. South Africa parties are so fun. They make me feel so happy and so fun. I love eating food from South Africa. It is so fun. They make me feel like I'm there in South africa. My room makes me feel like I can do anything in it and I don't have responsibility and I can just chill. My family is also my home and they help me with everything. Like my brother helps me get to my goals and gets me stronger he trains me in basketball. I have the best brother. My dad and I work so hard together we have a lot in common and he teaches me new things. He is the best dad. My mom helps me get smarter and trains my mind to do the best at anything. She is the best mom. Canada makes me feel normal and makes me feel cool. It is great to be a Canadian and just being here is great. It is so good that Canada helps me with many things. Why should everyone have a home? It is not fun to not have a home because who are you gonna have to keep you safe, calm, and loved. The good thing about a home is that if you have food that gets spoiled easy you can put them in a fridge. It is good to have a home so you don't feel lost and lonely. Having a home means feeling loved. Have a home.


Grade 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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