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What Home is to Me!!

Home is somewhere you feel safe, warm, comfortable and cozy. Home is also where you spend most of your time with your amazing family . What I love about being at home is that I have a huge backyard to go and play in with my fabulous friends. My home is safe and amazing because when I'm at home most of the time it doesn't feel awkward and it is special to me because I was raised at my warm, awesome home. One of my favorite, never to forget memories with my family, is when my whole family was at home and we had music going and we all did a dance off. Whoever did the wrong move, the judge would push them in the pool, and that was my favorite memory that I will never forget. It will always be in my heart for ever and ever. I think people who don't have homes might feel sad, unhappy, gloomy, worried and scared and last but not least they might feel lonely without any animals with them like dogs and cats. Whenever I go home, my dog is always so excited and she jumps around so happily. Then we go for a walk and cuddle so that is another thing that some people could be missing. Oh yes, one more thing they might miss is some of their family members, or one of their family members that has passed, might miss them of course too. What I'm trying to do is I'm going to raise $10 towards building a house for people who have no home!!! :)


Grade 5

Sundre, Alberta

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