What Home Means To Me

Hi! I'm Chloe Mitchell. I’m here to explain what home means to me. There are many ways to describe a home, so keep reading this essay to find out some things about a home. If you thought a home was four walls and a roof you have a lot to catch up on. There is so much more to a home than you think. You have so many memories in the days to come . Happy, sad, fun times happen in a home. The physical things as well shelter, access to essentials, food, etc. A home is something you're grateful for, with the people you love and care for. A home is a pretty great thing to have. A safe home. A place to live when you need a shelter. There are so many people in this world without a home. So many people spend rain, heat, cold, wind, even hurricanes on the streets. Imagine spending all of that without a heater for the cold, without an air conditioner in the heat, no roof over your head in the rain. Nothing to cover you up at night . People don't realize how lucky they are to have a home. To have all the heat when they want , all the air conditioning when you want. People without a home don't have that when they want. Do you know how many people have no homes? Living on the streets because of the prices of a home. The people who can't pay rent, bills, etc. They deserve more than a public bench on the streets. People try their hardest to work but jobs sometimes won't accept people who are a bit dirty or people without a home. A home should be a place where you don't need to stress about prices or bills. It should be a place where you can relax with the people you love. In conclusion there were some things about a home that some people don't think about. Please be grateful that you have a home. Thank you for reading this essay.


Grade 6

Happy valley-goose bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

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