The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is a lot of different things, and it is different for everyone! The meaning of home for me is` family because we will support each other and love each other no matter what. It is a lot more than just that too! For example, we make memories and laugh together. Home can also be with your animals like your cat or dog. For me home with animals is my cat Zeus and my dog Jax. Home can also be your house! If you do not move away, home can be filled with memories from when you were younger. School can also be home for some people, some people could like it more than their home! For others, Sports can even be home for a bunch of people, Like soccer, hockey, football, tennis etc. For me soccer is also home because I play it every Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes games. I enjoy it a lot! Home can also be tasty food and clear water to eat and drink every day! Finally, home for some people can also be their room and their bed! Home for me is a bit my room and bed, but also a whole bunch of different things! I also think that is, if you were the happiest in one place where you lived and not incredibly happy in a different place then where you lived first would be home for you. Home for me is Comox because I am happy here and I can do many things and make a bunch of memories! Home can be so many different things for people! My question is, what is home to you?


Grade 6

Comox, British Columbia

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