Home my house

my home my house A home and a house are two different things. Like a house is a building. But a home is more of a feeling! When I come home from school, I feel happy!!!!! I love the yummy grapes next to my home, I also like bouncing on my trampoline!! At night my mom reads to me. When I come home my dad always makes popcorn! My mémé lives next door! I like to play with her. I have six pets. Five of them are ducks and one is a dog. Bubbles, Chewy, Olaf, Beauty and Bibi are the ducks. And the dog's name is Jigs. My room has light pink walls, two fuzzy blankets on my bed, a bunch of toys,a desk, my closet and one rug. I love my home I love the people in it and I love this opportunity!!!


Grade 4

Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

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