My Home

MY HOME The feeling of coming home from school and seeing your loved ones is so special and I hope by writing this essay I will help other families so we all can all have that special feeling. I've moved several times. I started out in a small house when I was a baby then I moved into an apartment when I was one. At the age of four, I moved to the house I live in now. I had to move a second time and I didn't want to because my apartment had become my home. I used to play hide and seek in the hallway and usually would go and visit my nextdoor neighbours. I still remember to this day, the day I announced to my daycare teachers and friends that I was moving. At first, I was excited but when the day finally came. I didn’t want to anymore. Sure it was a beautiful house but it was not my home. It was not a big move because I was still going to the same daycare and I was still going to stay in the province. It took me a few months to finally accept my new house, I grew to truly cherish my new house and eventually it became my home. I am so lucky to have the home I do. It has an amazing backyard, a giant tree in front of the house that has my special yellow swing, but most importantly I feel safe and comforted in my home. Thank you Habitat for Humanity for letting me write this essay and at the same time helping people in need of a home.


Grade 4

Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

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