The Meaning of Home

Home is a place of love and warmth. It is a place of joy you have your own place you can feel safe. Home is ware you can be you yourself the people you love are by you. Not all home are the same you can decorate it how you like it. Not all homes are safe some homes you don’t feel loved. The thing is a first a home is not called a home it is called a house and you would think of I like a place that you can sleep and eat. That is a story of when I moved. When I moved in to my home I did not like it I hated it because my I did not have my friends and I thought I was all alone but as we spent more time in the house like it I start to feel like home. I grow up knowing that it is were I can be my self and feel safe. Some people have to homes and it was not fun. At first I hate it but that all changed. Now you know the meaning of the word home!


Grade 6

Bath, New Brunswick

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