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Home What home means to me. Home to me is where you can lay under the covers and fall asleep after a long day. Home is where you have a working shower, sink ,lights and toilets and you can relax and see your pets or a friend, family member, and a room mate . Thinking of all the people who don't have a home to do all that stuff it's sad because people need a home when its cold or need somewhere to sleep and not the cold hard ground it's not okay we need to help more people out with donating all that we can what were not using anymore like, clothes that are to small, shoes that don't fit anymore, coats, hats, gloves for the winter, tents for shelter blankets , food to eat because they only get a bit to eat and so much more . If I didn't have a home I wouldnt get to do anything like that, so it would be terrible. That's why I want to start doing more because there's a little bit of blankets and things to keep warm or a soft and cozy bed. So that we can start helping homeless people and get them houses and a place to relax,sleep,eat . That's why i’m happy to help donate 10$ when this get submitted to help get new homes for a family. -Mersadez


Grade 6

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

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