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Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of ‘’home’’? To me it means many different things. I am so happy I have a home and a bed. It is so warm and cozy! I always stay up in my room because I just got a new bed. I love going home and having my little puppy Lily greeting me with lots of kisses. I also love having my mom's homemade food for supper and homemade ice cream. I love everything I have. I have a wonderful family! Even though you may not like your siblings, you will miss them when they go. You will love them as much as you still do. My house is very warm and sweet. I love making memories with family and friends. My house is very safe. I always feel safe, with my mom and sister. I’m so lucky that I can go home and not feel scared.


Grade 6

Killarney, Manitoba

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