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My meaning of home is to have fun with family, friends, your brothers and sisters. You get room for toys and tvs and a whole bunch of food you can eat at the dinner table and chat with the people you love most. When it's almost bedtime you can have a nice warm shower with nice soap and conditioner and when you're out of the shower you can get a nice clean towel. After you can eat bedtime snacks, brush your teeth with a nice toothbrush and good toothpaste. And then you can get in your big fluffy hot and cool bed and have a good dream. You can wake up, have oatmeal, cereal, and toast and for the adults a nice warm cup of coffee you will play in your room, outside with your siblings and friends. And then you come inside and have a nice lunch with your family and then you can watch tv, play with toys, go outside and play video games. The meaning of home is to love, feel loved and be blessed.


Grade 6

Medicine Hat, Alberta

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