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I love my lovely home

I am grateful for my home because it's nice and cozy, it has beautiful decor, it's the perfect size for me and my mom, It makes me feel safe, and I love where I live. Now I will tell you about my home! My home is very cozy. My mom and I make sure that the other is warm. We have lots of blankets so we are warm on cold days. we can turn the heat on with a switch in the hallway.do you have a cozy home? I think the decoration in my house is very pretty the style in the living room is modern. We have lots of stars and pictures of my family. The style in the bathroom is like the beach the colors are blue, light blue, white, and beige. Do you have cool decor? My home is the perfect size for me and my mom. It has 5 rooms in the hallway the bathroom, the game room/moms other room, my bedroom, my mom's bedroom And the laundry room. It's not a very big house but I love it. : ) I feel safe in my house because I'm always with my mom and my uncle put some wood at the window so you can't open it. My home keeps me safe from the cold and from storms. Do you feel safe in your home? I am happy with where I live because it is warm in the summer but cold in the winter. During the summer there are lots of fun things to do around there such as playing at a park, the parks are not in good shape but the one nearest to me is! I'm lucky to live around nice people the neighbors are nice the dogs that run around are nice and I live around my kokum's and my family.do you love where you live? That is why I am very grateful for my home. why are you grateful for your home?


Grade 5

High Prairie, Alberta

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