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More than Bricks and Walls

I see our home sign at the top of the staers. I observe the wax melter in the kitchen. I notice my posters that stand out, stunning on the walls. I spot the kitchen through the bay window. I see my large backyard from far away because it stands out. I can hear my mom typing on the computer all day. I have to listen to the laundry machine going 24/7! I overhear my fridge, making noise all the time. I hear my microwave going on all day, I get annoyed by the wind outside my bedroom. I taste the christmas food my mom makes with my grandma I can taste the wintery smell of my house I can taste the smoke, from the barbecue I can smell the outdoor breeze from outside the house I can taste the fresh fruit that my mom buys. I feel my fluffy dogs fur that's as fluffy as a carpet I can feel the warm feeling of my bed when I sleep in it I can taste the warm tea that, I make I can feel the warmness of my fluffy dog And I can also feel the leftover food from doing dishes I can see my fluffy dog. I sniff the gross dog food my dog eats! I smell the wax melter that smells like cinnamon I get a whiff of the fresh soapy water from doing dishes! I find the smell of the chlorine my dad puts in the pool I smell the fresh cleaning supplies my mom uses for company I think it would be terrible to be homeless because being homeless means it's easier to get sick. Nothing to protect you from getting hurt and no food or water to keep you hydrated and no money to live in a house


Grade 6

Cambridge, Ontario

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