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What Makes Home Special To Me

I love my home. I love the people in my home and they love me, too. My bedroom is very comfortable. My iPad is fun for me and my friends. My home is special to me. I love my family. There aren't a lot of people in my family, so I'll tell you about them. We have my mom. Second, we have my sister, she is very funny and kind. My dad can be a bit strict, but other than that, I love him. They we have me. I am kind, funny, and truthful. The last "member" of my family is my dog. He is small, rough, and fun. My family is special. My bedroom makes me feel safe. I have a big desk in my room where I keep little collectables. My bed is very comfortable and I chill there all the time. I have two posters in my room, one of Spiderman, and the other of a game I like. I have a very old gaming console in my room from 2006. I have four cates in my room, but they are my friend's and I'm just taking care of them. I love my bedroom. I love my iPad. My iPad is the only way I can talk t om y fiends on Facetime. I also use my iPad for playing games when I'm on the bus. My iPad is also really useful for school because of Google search. When I can't Facetime with my friends, I can text them instead. My iPad is very fun, especially with friends. My iPad is special to me. My home is very special to me, even when I'm older it will always have a place in my heart.


Grade 5

St-Lazare, Quebec

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