My Home

I love my home just the way it is. I love my family living with me! I love my dogs, cat, and my hamster, they are fit for me. Home is more of a feeling, it's not just a random building you're staying in, but it is HOME. It is YOUR home you can do what you want and make yourself FEEL home. I love my room, I love my living room, I love my family and most importantly I love my home! I am glad to have a home to live in. Some people don’t have a home. It doesn't matter if it is big or small, at least you have a home! I love singing and dancing and playing at home. I feel very safe, welcomed and loved at my very own home. I love the way the sound is, very peaceful, all I hear is the clock ticking and sometimes my LOUD PETS. I love to go in the backyard and build forts in the snow and play with my dogs. I sleep all night and do lots of things in the day. I'm comfortable at home. I love to laugh and I love to let out my emotions at home. I love my HOME. I love to walk in the door of my home and see all the wonders inside! I love my HOME!


Grade 4

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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