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What Home Means

To me, the perfect home would be a loving family with food, water and comfort. Comfort to me would be having my videogames that I can play on my own or with my friends. My pets are also comforting to me. My mountain minnows (fish) are fun to feed. I put food into my hand and lower it into the water, so they eat out of my hand, and when they do it feels really weird. My brown lab Fletcher can always tell when I’m very upset. He will nuzzle my face. When he does it always makes me feel better and happy. My yellow lab Ellie is always a goof and she makes me laugh. She frequently gets into mischief! My family also makes me happy, Dads jokes are always funny, and Cole knows how to be hilarious. Emma is there when you need her. (and her tallness). Mark is that fun brother who is just awesome. And mum will bombard me with hugs if I’m sad. Umma and Umpa are super amazing and will throw down with anyone who makes me frustrated. Nan and Pop are the all-knowing grandparents but are also really sweet. That’s a pretty awesome family, but still no family is perfect. Some people don’t even have a home, let alone a family. I know if I didn’t have a family I would probably go crazy (scratch that, ill go crazy either way). That’s what a home and family mean to me!


Grade 6

Lansdowne, Ontario

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