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Good and Bad Feelings

What its like to have a home, not a house is a feeling. In a home, your able to express your feelings to one another. A home makes you feel comforted and after a long day doesn’t make you fake your emotions. When you’re with your home they should make you feel safe and loved. Some people don’t have a sturdy home and they can’t make you feel safe, that’s why its important to have a good home. I think when you most feel at home is when you’re with the people who love you like your family and friends. Some people don’t appreciate their homes and want more, when all you need is love and comfort. Houses and homes are different in many ways but the most different of them all is having the ones who love and support you. Sometimes with homes there can be good and bad feelings and that’s ok because sometimes you get over it and sometimes you don’t, but you still care for each other. You should be very thankful if you have a home because some people get treated bad and some people just don’t have a home or can’t live with theirs.


Grade 5

Lansdowne, Ontario

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