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The Meaning of Home

Do you know what a home feel’s like? My home is very important to me because lot’s of people don’t have one. I feel very comfortable in my home. When I feel comfortable its ether when I’m with family or even in my bed. It’s not about having a nice room or cool stuff in it it’s that I feel like it’s my space. In my home I have all the love I could get. The people I love are in my home and a lot of people don’t have one but might be with there loved ones and feel just fine. Happiness is all over my home and in it. Happiness is going on a road trip of talking to friends and family or even being together. It doesn’t matter where you are or live ether in a fancy house or on the street as long as your with your family and feel like your in a home. See lot’s of people might not have a house and all of its appliances but might have a home and I am very grateful to have both.


Grade 6

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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