Home to Me

Home is a special place that makes me feel loved, cared about and respected. A place where I can be myself. It is a place where I can just sit down and watch tv, and get away from the rest of the world. At home, I hang out with my brother. He’s a special someone who I love to be with. He likes basketball, is 17 and he drives me everywhere. We are siblings but we are also friends. I have a piece of furniture that is called a bed to sleep in, a soft bed that I lay in with my blanket to keep me warm at night when I’m cold, a pillow to rest my head while I sleep or lay down. All these things make my home special. Why is my home so special and important to me? Well, my home is also full of love. My parents give me hugs, kisses and so much more. Their love is beautiful, like daisies. There are also kids who don’t have much love. They don’t have their families and could have foster families too. Home needs to be full of love. Not everyone has a home. There are so many people living in the streets or the homeless shelter with no home. I know that it’s hard for them living with no home. There are even FAMILIES who live in homeless shelters and things like that make me feel sick to my stomach. Thinking about people that have to live with cockroaches and mold makes me feel very sad. I am so thankful that I have a home.


Grade 5

Kelowna, British Columbia

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