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Meaning of Home

In houses there are walls, windows and objects, but inside of a home it is much different there is life and family and a home is more special then a few objects you own inside your house. A home is a very special place. I like that I can come home after a long day of school and not have to worry about where I’ll have to sleep the next morning. I am so very grateful that I can just go and sit down in a warm heated home with my family and friends every single day of my life. I appreciate that I can just have a home to live my life inside of and I can make awesome memories inside of my home. I know and appreciate that I am insanely lucky to have a home to live in every day of my life. Where people are very kind and we live in a very safe area. I understand that it’s a privilege to live in a house and everyone deserves a home to wake up in, go to sleep in and go to school.


Grade 6

Pincourt, Quebec

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