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What Home Means - An acrostic poem

What home means to me is that a Home is where we have fun, are safe and can be with our family. At my home I play, I eat, I love and I have fun. That little brother, that dog, that mom, that dad play with them, have fun with them and love them. How do I deal with my little brother? It's simple. I am just nice to him. I defend him. I let him do things when I should be doing it. Out of home I feel good, but at home I feel great. My home means a lot to me, my family means everything to me. Extreme games with friends and family, make for excellent memories. My home is different from a house. A house has four walls and a roof and a home has family and friends. Eating, celebrating, and having fun are all things I do at home. At my home I’m in a very good mood no matter what because I am with family Never will I ever feel unsafe at home. So I will always be safe at home. I will always have fun at home.


Grade 6

Pincourt, Quebec

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