When you think of home what do you think of? Let me guess, a roof,2 or 3 floors, walls,a door,and maybe windows. Well… no. That's a house. It can be a home to you and me but not to everybody. Some people (although I wish they didn't) have to live on the streets,or in airports. Sometimes people can get mixed up or just don't know the difference but homeless does not mean poor. You can have money and no home. To me home means some place that you can feel safe, where my family(inculding my dogs)are,and where I can play Roblox.Home is also where all of my belongings are. Sometimes you will go camping or something like that. That does not mean that the campsite you are at is your home. Home is hopefully where you feel safe. I love my home and wouldn’t change a thing about it!!!


Grade 4

windsor, Nova Scotia

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