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The Meaning of Home

When i think of a home i think of walls amd a roof but that’s a house. In a home everyone needs Love, Joy, and Family to help them find who they truly are and show them every step of the way. For example teaching them how to cook or read a book. When you feel discouraged they can bring you up with a homemade bake good, a simple drawing, or maybe even just a laugh! Home is a Place where you can build off of one another and guide them through out life. Like teaching them how to talk or walk. A place where you can grow up with loved ones and make a masterpiece. Where you can a have a life story surrounded by people you trust. In a home you can make memories that last till death do you apart and share them with the people that love you! Home is a heart-warming place that comforts you. Where you can be yourself and won’t be judged for who you are. This is what i think a home is. As Ceclia Ahern Once said “Home isn’t a place its a feeling’’.


Grade 6

Niagara Falls, Ontario

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