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The Meaning of My Home

A home is a visual representation of drywall, a roof over your head, a floor and more! To me home means more than just drywall, you see. To me, it's a place to be more free. Believe it or not, my home means more than the finest gnome. That’s how it should be, and I love it the most. I feel safe in my home, I never have to roam. That’s what matters most. It may look like a dome, but what I see is an incredible inviting home that fits me. My home may not compare but at least it’s where I care. As small as a tiny hall, it’s where I learned to crawl. Whenever I feel sad, I feel free to call this my home. That’s why I want to stay here forever. This is what I care about most, and where I am most aware. That’s why I think we should make the availability of homes fair.


Grade 4

Red Deer, Alberta

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