My Home

My home is my happy place The place where I feel safe If I am burnt out I have a place to say good night My home was built with memories and laughter It’s not where I'm from, it's where I belong Some of us travel the whole world to find it Others unravel it In my home, I crawled and crawled until I could walk Then I called Mom and Dad My home means safety and a place to cry See butterflies, so we can fly Dreams come true in my home Here we go off to the unknown Adventures are made to hundreds places To New York or Vancouver or other places My home makes me stuffed with so much food It's too good to be true When I am thirsty, I can have a warm cup of tea To the VIP TV to watch family movies, then I feel sleepy My home makes me happy The place where I can be me I hope everyone has a place A place to call their own This is the place where I can grow up Get too old, that I will have to move out Until then, this is my house And only my home This is life My life My story My home


Grade 6

Regina, Saskatchewan

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