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Meaning of Home

My home is happiness, my home is family and my home is love. Home is happiness because it’s not a home if you are not happy. You can say “I hate this house!” but you know you are still thankful to have it. I feel joyful when I’m at home in my room. I keep Lego in my room to play with because it’s calming and comforting. I play with my brother and sister in the backyard and the front yard on the weekends, sometimes for more than half the day! It's okay to feel bad or sad in your home, but your family is there to reassure you. I feel mine is. Home is family because your family lives there. I would never be at home if my family wasn’t there. If it wasn’t for my loving family, I would not have the same things in my home. l wouldn’t be able to afford anything! My Lego, the multi-colored strip lights in my room or the warm comfy bed that I sleep in. A home is not a house, a house is a building, a home is love and family. I love my family and my home. Home is love because the people you love live there, your pets, your family or favourite plants. You keep the things you love in your home. It’s not a home unless you love it, I love my home. I love playing with my family, I love my room. My home is amazing. I love all of my home, every part of it.


Grade 5

Pincourt, Quebec

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