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Meaning of Home

Home is somewhere or anywhere you feel safe or comfortable and cozy and you start to feel attached to it. Firstly, a home is where you feel vibrant, peaceful and you develop an emotional attachment. There is always action and liveliness in my home. I grew up there and all my memories are in my home. My home is cozy and where I have peace and privacy. Secondly, my home is a valuable place where I live with my family and often have friends or relatives that visit. My brother and I play mini hockey in my basement. My mom and I bake muffins in my kitchen. I sleep soundly in my bedroom with my nightlight. The privacy I have in my room makes me feel safe and comfortable. Finally, my home is very important to me because it’s a very special place in a quiet peaceful neighborhood where all my neighbours are my friends. It doesn’t matter if your home it’s perfect, most aren't. We all have our differences but no matter what, we all love our home and the people in it.


Grade 5

Pincourt, Quebec

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